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Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager (CBHCM)

The CBHCM designates competency in the domains of Engagement and Assessment; Service Planning and Delivery; Coordination, Linkage and Monitoring; Documentation; and Professional Responsibility.

Assist individuals in English and Spanish with benefits enrollment applications.

Targeted Case Management (TCM) at Universal Community Services in Miami is a client-focused program that provides tailored support to individuals with complex needs. Our dedicated team conducts thorough assessments to understand each client's unique circumstances, strengths, and goals. We then create personalized care plans that outline specific objectives and strategies. Our TCM services involve connecting clients to essential community resources, advocating for their rights, and offering ongoing emotional support and guidance. We take a holistic approach, addressing both immediate and long-term needs, while continuously monitoring progress and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams. Located locally, our TCM services are easily accessible to the Miami community, delivering culturally sensitive and inclusive care. Our goal is to empower individuals, improve their quality of life, and help them achieve their desired outcomes.

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