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Aetna Better Health of Florida is a specialized managed care organization that offers an array of healthcare services tailored to meet the unique needs of Medicaid beneficiaries in the state. With a focus on improving health outcomes and enhancing the quality of care, Aetna Better Health of Florida provides comprehensive coverage that includes medical, dental, and behavioral health services. Their network of healthcare providers is carefully selected to ensure that members have access to a wide range of specialists and primary care physicians. Beyond basic medical services, Aetna Better Health of Florida prioritizes preventive care, care coordination, and disease management programs to proactively address health concerns. Their commitment to community outreach and engagement initiatives contributes to fostering healthier populations in Florida. By placing a strong emphasis on care coordination and a member-centered approach, Aetna Better Health of Florida strives to deliver the highest level of care and support to Medicaid recipients, promoting a healthier and more vibrant Florida.

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